You could clearly feel the atmosphere and despite the heat, goosebumps appeared all over my body .... Yes, they are here!
My heart skips a beat at the sight of the moving black spots in the water.
We drive slowly along the coast and have just arrived in Hermanus, a small fishing village near Cape Town. We have read that the whales will return to their birthplace in October. New whales will also be born here. After a few weeks they leave for the depths of the oceans…
When we arrive at the guesthouse, we are enthusiastically received by the owner. The colors on the walls are rich and intense. Africa is depicted on a large wall in the living room, but also images of the sharks in the sea and animals here on land are incredibly well depicted with paint. I have been fascinated by color from an early age, so I feel right at home in this warm color bath.

From the window of the large kitchen there is a view of the garden with swimming pool. In the back, like everywhere in South Africa, there is an African braai. That evening we enjoy a beer by the pool in the garden with a few other guests and an expertly marinated and fried piece of meat on the Braai.
Behind the garden is the Indian Ocean within walking distance, where whales are in the water a short distance from the coast…
Mary & Peter

Us & La Fougeraie

Experiencing adventures on our travels, the beautiful animals in nature, the people we met and the special guest houses have inspired us to create a place where we can live in space and tranquility. In addition, we want to offer our guests a place where you can relax and experience your own adventure…

We found this beautiful castle farm next to the castle of Folgoux, in a hamlet in the middle of nature. There is a unique tranquility due to the presence of the castle with the beautiful garden, the surrounding forests and the extensive estate.

You recognize our love for nature, animals and travel in the design of the rooms, in the food and our stories.

Mary and Peter