Never stop exploring new roads

Where does the road take you, what appears after the next bend?

The Auvergne is a vast world of ancient volcanoes, mountain peaks, deep river valleys, wild forests and vast meadows…

… you drive on narrow winding roads in the sparsely populated Livradois-Forez nature park.

Around you you see vast valleys and plateaus with a single farm or a village. Unexpectedly, after the next bend you see a castle high on a mountain.

A few kilometers further you drive through a narrow valley with a wild river and forests around you. Along the large rivers Loire and Allier you will find plenty of typical French towns with restaurants and terraces.

The highest points are around 1300 meters, the lowest points around 500 meters. The D roads are very good! If you like a piece of off-road, there are also plenty of continuous unpaved roads.

La Fougeraie is a wonderful accommodation for bikers

The old castle farm next to the castle of Folgoux (1344) is located in a wooded area near the village of La Chaise Dieu.

You'll recognize the French-international atmosphere in the dishes and the decor.

After your tour you can enjoy the sun and a drink (including Belgian beer) in the guest garden or by the swimming pool. In the evening, the multi-course dinner is enjoyed in the large living room.

We have a half board package for three nights especially for biking enthusiasts:

  • Stay in a beautiful room with breakfast, dinner and a choice of motorcycle routes.
  • We can advise you on restaurants for lunch or provide a packed lunch.
  • Length of stay can be adjusted.
  • We have plenty of choice and tips about nice routes or beautiful places. It is possible to combine a number of routes of 2 to 3 hours into a longer day trip. The motorcycle is safely parked in the parking lot.

Price per person from € 195 based on a room for two people.

A few reviews from bikers about La Fougeraie: “Beautiful B&B where the bikes could be parked. “

"Warm welcome. Spacious guest house. Nice rooms. Good food."

Do you want to ride your bike in one of the largest nature parks in France, where ultimate tranquility and plenty of space can be found in the rugged and varied nature?

Are you looking for relaxation after a day on the bike to enjoy true hospitality, good food and a comfortable place to sleep?

We look forward to seeing you!

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